June 2020

How Experion Empowers Small Businesses with Digital Solutions

At Experion Technologies, we’re proud to have served small businesses since 2006. Small businesses make up 25% of our clientele, and our services to them include product strategy, product design and development, and ongoing product maintenance. We’ve been able to help small businesses all over the globe showcase their products on the frontlines while simultaneously transforming the way they display themselves.

EARTHLORE – An Experion & ARPO collaboration to revive Kerala’s folk culture

Bolgatty Island’s sweeping vistas played host to the inaugural season of Experion-ARPO’s Earthlore, a cause that turns a new leaf in the history of Kerala’s folk music and indigenous art. A music festival celebrated over the weekend, the event left the audience introspecting the universality of music expressed through the traditional music honed by the Irular and […]

How data analytics is transforming the healthcare Sector

Technology is changing the way data is collected, stored, managed, visualized, and utilized in the healthcare sector. This access to data & analytics has caused many notable changes in the way the healthcare sector operates by opening up new avenues for the accuracy of diagnosis, prevention of disease, tracking the effectiveness of treatment, and providing safe medications. Read on to learn more about how data analytics is transforming healthcare.

Retail analytics – uncovering the path to success for retailers

Retailers who want to thrive in the future must leverage the vast potential that retail analytics offers. They must make smarter and faster decisions based on meaningful insights from retail analytics to ensure increased revenue, higher profits, enhanced customer engagement, and superior customer experience.   In this article, we look at how retail analytics can play a significant role in helping businesses to overcome these challenges.

Safeguarding Patient Privacy in the Digital Age

Healthcare privacy is a complex issue. There is a delicate balance between keeping patient data private and sharing it between medical professionals to improve the care needs of patients. The introduction of PCM/ EHR systems in medical institutions have also renewed the call for stronger healthcare privacy laws around the world. Let’s take a comprehensive look at what patient privacy means, why it's important, and what governments world-over are doing to protect their citizens.