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The Client

The client is an early-stage enterprise in the United States that aims to disrupt the automotive retail industry. With the pandemic accelerating growing digitization world over, the client realized it was a good platform from which to catapult thier business idea – they aimed to capture a nice segment of the automotive retail market.

Our Solution

Team Experion proposed the creation of an e-commerce platform that would address the changing needs and preferences of the customers.

The platform provides detailed information on the available trailers so that the end-users can be well informed on their purchase decision. It enables customers to customize their preferences on various models, product customization, delivery/pickup locations, and government departments’ integration to complete the legal documentation. The e-commerce platform also enables the customers to compute, analyze, and assess fee & tax calculations. With its ‘e-signature’ facility, the customer can complete the purchase agreement via the platform itself. The platform is also enriched by integrating with all available payment gateways to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Retailers are empowered through the platform by enabling them to run marketing campaigns to increase sales, offer discounts, etc. They can also generate insightful reports that detail the customer purchase behavior, sales trends, revenue forecast, etc. The insightful reports are handy for retailers to improve their operational efficiency, reduce cost, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Angular
  • Node JS
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL

Business Impact

  • The e-commerce platform enables stakeholders to craft a well-defined retail strategy that addresses the whole customer decision journey
  • Enables the measurement, management, and optimization of the performance of each stakeholder within the business ecosystem
  • Enables conducting marketing campaigns to increase market share
  • Ensured superior operating performance & reduced the cost of sales
  • Increased profit margins & economies of scale

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