Automotive Digital Transformation

C onnected and autonomous vehicles are the new normal, driving a transformational shift in the automotive industry. As consumers demand more personalized and convenient transportation solutions, traditional automotive companies are partnering with tech firms to deliver innovative products and services. This shift is also encouraging a new focus on sustainability, with electric and hybrid vehicles becoming increasingly significant.

At Experion, we're passionate about driving innovation and helping our clients achieve their unique business goals. Our focus is to make roads safer by integrating wireless communications, real-time data analytics and machine learning in all modes of transportation. Whether it's on-demand EV charging or last mile re-fueling, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, including V2X-based situational awareness to IoT-based fleet tracking, we are helping companies address bigger challenges of emission control and sustainable development.

Drive-in for an Upgrade

  • Digitization of EV Ecosystem
  • V2X based Situational Awareness
  • Emission Modelling
  • Resource Optimization through LoRaWAN based Fleet Monitoring
  • Adaptive Traffic Control System
  • Road Safety Management
  • Digital Last Mile Refueling
  • GIS-based Road Asset Management
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Traffic Control Systems & Solutions for European Road Safety Leader

The Comprehensive Traffic Control Systems Solutions offers intelligent traffic management, ensures smoother flow, reduced congestion, and enhanced safety. The solutions leverage real-time data and analytics to optimize traffic patterns and improve overall efficiency.

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Vehicle pooling & smart mobility for a Middle East company

The innovative Vehicle Pooling System facilitates efficient vehicle sharing, optimizing resource utilization, reducing traffic congestion, and minimizing environmental impact. Real-time bookings, seamless payment integration, and smart routing algorithms ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride.

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