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Generating Intelligent Solutions for Businesses

Unlocking Business Potential with Data and AI Expertise

In today’s fast-changing business landscape, quick decision-making is crucial. Data is valuable for making smart choices, but having data alone isn’t enough. Organizations need strong systems to ensure they have useful and high-quality data.

At Experion, we specialize in making the move from AI exploration to real-world benefits easy. We use the power of Generative AI to help you harness AI’s potential proactively. Our services include creating effective data strategies for your operations and helping you build a solid business model.

Partner with us to navigate the data-driven future. Make every decision count, powered by insights that matter.

We Make GenAI Ideas A Reality
CoPilot Empowered Back Office Ops
Sales & Marketing Initiatives
Interactive Experience Using AI Chatbots
Fraud Detection & Preventing FinCrime
Why Data & AI?
of corporate strategists see AI and Analytics as critical to their success over the next two years.
of businesses consider the need to manage unstructured data a problem they face.
indicated that customer experience & retention is the primary purpose of their generative AI investments.
of organizations plan to prioritize their investments in data & AI.
of corporate data worldwide is stored in the cloud.
of executives think automation can be applied to any business decision.
How Can We Help You Transform

What We Do

Experion Data & AI Accelerators

BI xLerate
Automate BI Report migration as part of data platform modernization to the cloud

DataFlo xLerate
Metadata-driven data pipeline framework to help accelerate pipeline development

SQL xLerate
Automate SQL metadata extraction, enabling enhanced Data Governance

Smart xBot
Plug-and-play conversational API modules across multiple business domains

Our Success Stories

Modernizing Enterprise Integration with Informatica Cloud Services

A major US engineering firm sought to modernize enterprise integration using Informatica Cloud services. Experion established a dedicated team, ensuring 24/7 support, legacy integration replacement, cost optimization, and empowering Citizen Developers, resulting in streamlined operations and modernization.

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Enhancing Customer Experience with Generative AI

A top School MIS provider sought to modernize analytics with Generative AI. Experion integrated GPT-3.5, created an AI chatbot, and seamlessly integrated it into the MIS Web App. This resulted in faster data insights, streamlined administration, and an enhanced user experience.

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Data-Driven Plant Phenotyping Application Transformation

A leading agricultural research institution needed to modernize plant phenotyping with efficient image analysis and data extraction. We re-architected the application with deep learning on AWS. The impact was a 100-fold reduction in image processing time, scalability, enhanced accuracy, and cost savings, contributing to global food security.

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