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T he insurance industry is going through a digital transformative phase that demands innovation and adaptation. Customers now seek faster and customized options, giving rise to a growing demand for hyper-personalized and assisted self-service in the insurance industry. To stay ahead of the game, insurers must embrace digital transformation and leverage technology to meet the changing needs of their customers.

At Experion, we're passionate about fusing tech innovations into the traditional insurance process. We specialize in modernizing and digitizing processes to create a better experience for our customers. We have expertise in Motor & Life, Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Billing and Claims Administration, providing customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing core systems. Leveraging advanced technology such as AI, Blockchain, and Data Science, we build new-generation solutions that meet the evolving industry requirements. Join forces with Experion to harness our expertise and unwavering commitment to deliver best solutions for your business.

Redefining Insurance: Navigating Your Next Move

  • Image Analytics
  • Chatbot & Robo-advisor
  • Blockchain for Policy Administration
  • Drone Technology
  • AI for Fraud Detection
  • Touchless Claim Processing

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Cloud-based Insurance Platform for Policy, Billing and Claims Management with Smart Integrations

The client, a provider of cloud-based insurance solutions lacked expertise and resources to develop a customized platform for their flagship product. Experion built a- robust policy and billing application and a claims enterprise suite with smart integrations- resulted...

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Digitized Worker's Compensation Claims Management

The client needed to digitize their case management and worker's compensation claim processing to improve efficiency and reduce paper usage. Experion built a streamlined platform, resulting in 5X faster claim handling and enhanced paperless work.

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Simplified Claims Management Process for a US-based Law Firm

The client needed a streamlined and modern workers’ compensation claim management system. Experion developed a comprehensive platform with billing, document scanning, and case management modules, reducing process time by 30% & improving...

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