Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files of information that a web server generates and sends to a web browser. This is performed to identify your device throughout a session or in subsequent visits to our website, primarily aimed at enhancing user experience.

Types of Cookies used:

Session cookie: Session cookies are crafted to recall your activities on a website. Without these cookies, a website would lack the ability to retain your browsing history. They are crucial for website navigation as they remember your actions, but they do not track you after you close the webpage.

Persistent cookie: Persistent cookies, also referred to as First-party cookies, store your preferences to provide a consistent user experience upon revisiting a website. They enable websites to retain settings such as menu preferences, language choices, and internal bookmarks for subsequent browsing sessions. Typically, most first-party cookies expire after one to two years, and your browser automatically removes them if you do not revisit the website within this timeframe. Additionally, persistent cookies are frequently utilized for user authentication purposes. Disabling them would prevent a website from keeping you logged in between sessions, necessitating you to re-enter your credentials each time.

Third-party cookie: We utilize cookies from third-party companies to gain insights about our websites, assist in running targeted advertising campaigns, measure the effectiveness of our advertising efforts, and tailor advertisements to be more relevant to you.

For further details on how these companies collect and utilize information on our behalf, please consult their privacy/cookie policies and additional information provided below:

Third-Party Companies/Applications Purpose Privacy Policy Link
Google Display targeted and relevant advertisements, including retargeted ads, to visitors of Experion’s websites. Google Privacy Policy
LinkedIn Display targeted and relevant advertisements, including retargeted ads, to visitors of Experion’s websites. LinkedIn Privacy Policy
Microsoft Clarity Monitors user scrolling behavior on the webpage. Microsoft Clarity – Free Heatmaps & Session Recordings
Statcounter Records particular actions carried out by visitors, aiding in assessing the efficacy of marketing campaigns and website functionalities. Statcounter Policy


How to contact us

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