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Product engineering is more than just a process to us; it’s a science, a craft, and a mission to elevate what's possible.

Welcome to our world – where innovation, creativity, and technology converge to bring your ideas to life. At its core, product engineering is about turning concepts into reality using cutting-edge tools and technologies to design, develop, and deploy world-class products that solve real-world problems.

As a leading product engineering services company, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking to launch a new software application, design a custom hardware device, or optimize your existing systems, our product engineering team has the expertise, passion, and dedication to make it happen.

So come explore your dream with us and discover how we can help you engineer your vision into reality.

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Cloud-based Insurance Platform for a leading Insurtech Company

The client needed to build their flagship solution, which fully integrates with end-to-end policy, billing, and claims suite using cloud-based product development. This SaaS product simplifies automated claims management, litigation management, insurance product ...

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Data Analytics-powered investment advisory services and reporting platform

Experion developed a comprehensive investment advisory services platform powered by data analytics for a leading financial consulting organization in the US. The client manage over $30 billion in assets. The intuitive solution, designed for web,desktop, Android, and iOS ...

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Telehealth solution for a health and wellness conglomerate

Our client’s idea was a mobile platform that acts as a helping hand to diabetic convalescents by tracking their daily routines. Experion built a teleconsultation solution that was streamlined and refined; it enabled customers to schedule and cancel appointments with ...

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Retail management solution connecting 1800+ stores

Experion developed a complete retail management solution to manage business operations across multiple retail stores and connect them to their central headquarters. The solution had a centralized dashboard that could be used to forecast sales, inventory management...

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Urban Traffic Control Application for a Road Safety Leader

Experion developed a GIS-based real-time application that allows traffic operators to view and manage junctions, Pelicans, OTUs, links, nodes, etc., that shows traffic queues' real-time status and different parameters using defined messaging structures. It has a configurable ...

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Cloud-based logistics and transportation management solution

Experion partnered with a global logistics solutions provider based in the United States, owning multiple warehouses across continents. The client relied on outdated warehouse traffic, logistics, and transportation management systems. Experion built a solution designed...

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