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The Challenge

The client aims to remove the hurdles that prevent growing brands from finding their feet in the ever-growing beauty market in North America. They provide an online marketplace that connects the emerging beauty and wellness brands with retail partners, making it easy for them to explore and capture new business opportunities with ease.

The client initiated the development internally. When they noticed a surge in the number of their clients, they wanted to quickly scale up the platform features to meet the dynamic market requirement. With limited in-house engineering resources and a high level of technical as well as engineering expertise required to complete the development within a short period, they approached Experion. Having developed innovative retail solutions for organizations across the globe with minimal time to market, Experion committed to carrying forward the development and completing the deployment within the stipulated timeline.

Our Solution

Considering the timeline criticality of the project, Experion adopted a multi-phased approach for developing the platform. In the initial phase of activity, the Experion’s team of experts detailed the business requirements, then analyzed and tested the existing systems to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of the platform. During the development phase, Experion’s team captured all the relevant details and started development based on the inputs from the initial phase. Our team has since improved its effectiveness and enhanced its scalability to meet future demands.

Business Impact

  • The client was able to handle the surge in user base without any glitches
  • Ensured superior customer experience for brands and retailers
  • With less time to market, the client was able to retain its customer base
  • The platform is designed and developed in a way that allows for future scalability

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