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The Client

The client is a US-based company selling products designed to improve quality of life. They offer branded products such as fruit and vegetable nutrition in a convenient capsule or chewable form and powder concentrate from various fruits, vegetables, and grains.

The company’s sales come from its customers, referred to as partners. The partners are promoted to higher ranks based on several criteria such as the total sales volume, the number of customers added, etc.

The Challenge

The client invites partners from across the world to share and promote their products with other people and help them get more sales. The partner promotion process was carried out manually, wherein the back-office team would manually enter the data, check for their eligibility, and promote them if they met specific criteria. The older system did not streamline the process, and the partners had poor experiences submitting promotion requests. It required manual data entry by the partners and did not give them a transparent view of the status of their promotion request. Moreover, the review and approval processes took too long, which led to delays in the payout.

There was a dire need for automating the partner promotion process and reducing daily data entry tasks. Besides, their existing order management system required maintenance and re-engineering for simplified tracking and processing of all order and payment-related details.

Our Solution

Experion Technologies proposed the development of microservices to improve the speed and efficiency of the partner promotion process. Our team developed a system that automates the partner promotion evaluation using a microservices architecture with an event-driven system design. The system allows the partners to apply for promotion from the portal once all necessary criteria are met. It continuously evaluates and provides information for the partner to see where they stand for the next promotion opportunity, promotes them, and pays title rewards. The back-office team can view all the promotion requests and take suitable actions on the appeals after verification.

Furthermore, we re-engineered their existing order management system with a payment processing module that supports multiple payment sources and gateways, a suite of customer care applications that allows the client to enter, update and cancel customer service orders, and a centralized Warehouse Management System that integrates different systems and internal processes such as receiving, putaway, picking, packing, cycle counts, etc.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cucumber
  • AWS Cloud
  • AWS Aurora
  • Kong
  • Keycloak
  • Apache Kafka
  • Jenkins

  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • SQL Server
  • Kourier Integrato
  • Rocket Universe
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • .NET Core
  • HighJump

Business Impact

  • The automated partner promotion process led to a faster payout of title rewards for partners, which improved the partner journeys to a great extent.
  • The back-end system simplifies the tracking of all order and payment-related details and offers consistent customer support for customer issues.
  • The system eliminates mailing costs and minimizes labor hours for data entry, printing, and mail checks.


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