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The Client

Our client is a property management company based in Florida that provides end-to-end services such as listing, leasing, managing the property through maintenance work orders, managing agreement charges etc. The client helps their customers in many different facets including property rentals, handling maintenance and repair, listing properties, and managing tenant complaints, or evictions.

The Challenge

Outdated processes to track and manage different domains of their business put our client at a major disadvantage. Be it customer complaints, maintenance requests, inbound lead management, accounting, or operations management, everything was handled independent of each other, using legacy systems. They used third-party applications for end-to-end property management, and even used the post office for posting the check payments and making transactions.

As the company grew and expanded to serve more customers, the client realized the need for a centralized platform that would allow landlords, real estate owners, and property managers to efficiently handle the entire property management cycle. The client also envisioned opening up a new revenue stream for themselves by selling the property management solution as a product.

Our Solution

After analyzing the client’s precise requirements, Experion’s team concluded that a single, unified cloud-based property management software solution would work best in streamlining the property management process.

The solution helps landlords, real estate owners, and property managers to manage the listing, leasing, and contracting of their properties more efficiently. It enables them to simplify the process of property maintenance and management of service personnel.

The cloud-based solution provides automated payment reminders, remote access, and enables a faster rent collection by enforcing late fees. It makes auditing and marketing easier by capturing and backing up customer and organizational data. The solution enables efficient collaboration between property managers and tenants and can store unlimited on-demand data.

The solution was developed to be so super customizable as a product that different property management companies could subscribe to it, to manage their own properties. The type of subscription would define the features to be utilized by different organizations. Every subscription will act as a standalone application – a platform has also been developed into which all subscriptions are integrated.

This unique feature has made it possible for the client’s vision to come to life in full technicolor – the product can now be marketed as a white labeled software that will potentially make the lives of hundreds of property management companies easier, and more digitally aligned.

The standout features of the solution include:

  • An end-to-end property management solution with highly sophisticated dynamic workflows
  • Property accounting features that can handle transactions online and keep track of audit trails by generating various reports
  • Enhanced tracking and real-time reporting of customer and organizational data
  • Stakeholders can collaborate in real-time to perform business processes efficiently
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • .NET Core 3.x
  • Angular
  • HelloSign eSignature handling
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Transunion Credit Check
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Maps API, Places
  • AWS integration SDK (for .NET)
  • Wijmo Grid for Reports

Business Impact

  • Client was able to white-label the solution, creating an additional revenue stream
  • Helped the client make insightful business decisions by streamlining different business processes
  • Manual work reduced along with errors to improve operational efficiency
  • Provided complete transparency into business operations and enhanced visibility into every property-related process


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