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The Client

Experion worked with a healthcare solutions provider addressing neurodegenerative diseases, to develop a digital healthcare solution that elevates and enhances the patient’s quality of life. The client has been offering digital solutions that help to retain the cognition of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Our Challenge

The client wanted to leverage evidence-based behavior and lifestyle intervention techniques coupled with digital technologies to aid retain the patient’s cognition. The client, however, lacks technical expertise and bandwidth for designing and developing a simple, interactive, and personalized solution that dynamically adapts to the progression of the medical condition.

Our Solution

Business Analysts, Technical Architects, and UX Specialists from Experion lead the discovery phase and finalized the scope of development and the project milestones.

During the development phase, the team of experts from Experion designed and developed intuitive user interfaces that change dynamically as cognitive impairment progresses. The latest technologies were leveraged to develop the solution, which would run on any device.

Experion incorporated interactive visual maps that tap into the patient’s procedural memory system in the digital platform, which enabled the stakeholders to accomplish daily activities with reduced stress & anxiety.

Business Impact

  • The solution has fast become one of the most innovative and effective products to manage neurodegenerative patients.
  • With access to the patient’s behavioral data, the digital platform replaced manual intervention in managing and assisting the patient’s routine activities.
  • It introduced & promoted best practices for nutrition, exercise, social engagement & sleep via interactive visual maps.

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