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The Client

The client, based out of the US, offers digital healthcare solutions that aim to elevate and enhance the quality of life of patients with neurodegenerative diseases. They provide solutions to caregivers, organizations, and families of the patients to create an ecosystem where the patients can communicate, foster connections, and live even in the advanced stages of their medical condition.

The Challenge

The client wanted to develop a proprietary, evidence-based behavior and lifestyle intervention digital healthcare solution that can help retain the cognition of patients with neurodegenerative disease.

For the solution to be beneficial to the patients, it needed to provide superior user experience to all stakeholders so that the caregivers and patients could quickly incorporate this solution in their daily lives. The client, however, lacked the technical expertise and bandwidth for designing and developing a solution that met all their business requirements, and Experion was approached to work on a solution that offers :

  • A simple and intuitive solution that does not cause any confusion or frustration among patients.
  • Customized solutions to meet the needs of patients at different stages of the medical condition.
  • Dynamic personalization of UI interface with the progression of the medical condition.

Our Solution

Experion’s solution team led a discovery phase to finalize the scope of development and the project milestones.

After the discovery phase, Experion suggested developing a companion mobile application for patients and web applications for caregivers and family members leveraging assistive technologies.

The solution has been designed and developed with a simple user interface (UI), utilizing easy to read fonts, colors, and straightforward functionalities, enabling the patients and caregivers to create visual maps with ease. It is enriched with visual and audio reminders for patients to carry out activities such as consuming medicines on time, daily exercise, and doctor consultations, without missing a single important task. The solution also enables caregivers to verify whether the routines of patients under their care have been fulfilled correctly or needs intervention.

The web app was developed using React JS, with PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases for data management, and native technologies to develop the iOS and Android mobile applications.

Business Impact

  • The solution replaced the manual intervention required to manage and assist the patient’s routine activities.
  • It enabled caregivers and medical practitioners to create customized routines for each patient based on the patient’s behavioral data.
  • It provides periodic patient evaluation data to all stakeholders, reducing the individual caregivers’ dependency on medications and assistance.
  • It enabled the family members to monitor and evaluate caregiver services in managed care/ in-home care facilities.
  • It introduced & promoted best practices for nutrition, exercise, social engagement & sleep via interactive visual maps.

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