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The Challenge

The client faced multiple challenges with their existing platform concerning stability, usability, and scalability. Also, with the current resource bandwidth, they were unable to scale their efforts to meet the market and project requirements. Realizing these issues, the client decided to look for an experienced and reliable IT partner to develop the envisaged training and learning platform. Having built innovative EduTech platforms for organizations worldwide, Experion committed to delivering an exceptional learning platform within the given timeline.

Our Solution

Experion initiated the project with a discovery phase to evaluate the existing product, its codebase, and application architecture and assessed its quality issues.

Based on the findings, an action plan was formulated to complete the development of the training and learning platform. In the first phase of engagement, a code clean-up was initiated, along with an issue resolution exercise. Non-compliance of code with industry standards and best practices was dealt with using a substantial amount of rewrite and refactoring to stabilize the application and resolve outstanding issues. The platform was then put through rigorous rounds of functional and performance testing to remove persistent problems.

Experion worked with the client to prioritize the market launch requirements and charted out a clear product roadmap. A detailed sprint plan based on agile methodology was then formulated, with clear project goals to ensure timely completion of development within the tight deadline. Experion helped the client implement critical product features and provided infrastructure support to manage and monitor client applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. As the engagement progressed, the complete responsibility of the product’s development roadmap, quality assurance, application maintenance, and infrastructure support was entrusted to Experion.

Additionally, Experion upgraded the existing voice analysis technology to improve its performance. With this technology update, the platform could customize the learning and training modules for each user based on their intent, behavior, and skill level. Personalization of offerings fostered a positive user experience, increased user’s retention of skills, and ensured interactive learning.

The platform produces customized analytics reports, enabling its users to track and assess their performance. The platform was also designed to integrate with other external LMS platforms.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Framework: ASP.Net Core 2.x
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Code Optimization: SonarQube
  • Dev to Staging Push: CI/CD
  • Security Standard:BitSight

Business Impact

  • Delivered an interactive, engaging, and intuitive learning and training platform
  • Effective monitoring/ management of learning & training programs
  • Superior customer experience and enhanced user engagement
  • Track and monitor user performance with personalized, analytics powered reports
  • Seamless integration with third-party LMS platforms

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