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The Challenge

The client’s existing reporting processes were static in nature with limited avenues of on-demand insights and on-demand metrics, resulting in extended wait times for insights into critical data. Faced with this challenge and driven by a growing interest in the capabilities of ChatGPT, our client sought to leverage OpenAI models to revolutionize their analytics capabilities and provide valuable assistance to teaching staff and administrators.

Our Solution

Our Data Science team collaborated closely with the client’s Product Development and Business teams to address the AI skills gap within the organization. Adopting an agile approach, Experion achieved the following:

Unlocking the Value of Internal Data:

  • Integrated GPT-3.5 with the client’s proprietary data and institutional knowledge.
  • Developed a customized solution that precisely met their unique needs while leveraging their existing internal resources.

AI-Chatbot for School Administration:

  • Developed an AI-powered chatbot designed to streamline critical administrative tasks within schools.
  • Empowered administrators to efficiently manage attendance records, behavior tracking, and performance monitoring.
  • Azure Open AI (GPT) did not have any access to school data and hence PII was secure.

Bot Framework for Conversation & API Orchestration:

  • Established a robust Bot Framework to facilitate smooth conversation flow and seamless API handling..
  • Ensured that the chatbot could interact effectively with users and access the necessary data and services.

Seamless Integration with MIS Web App:

  • Collaborated seamlessly with the client’s Front-End Team to integrate the AI-powered chatbot into the School’s MIS Web Application.
  • This integration enhanced the user experience and accessibility of the chatbot within the school administration ecosystem.

Business Impact

The implementation of Generative AI-powered solutions brought about transformative outcomes:

  • Accelerated Data Insights: The client’s management team and staff experienced significantly reduced wait times for accessing critical data and insights.
  • Efficient Administrative Tasks: The AI-powered chatbot streamlined time-consuming administrative tasks such as attendance management, behavior tracking, and performance monitoring.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Integration into the MIS Web App improved user accessibility and usability.
  • Reduced Workload: Teaching staff and administrators benefited from AI-assisted tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.


Experion’s collaboration with the client exemplifies the power of Generative AI in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. By bridging the AI skills gap, we empowered our client to leverage their internal data effectively, optimize administrative processes, and provide valuable support to schools and local councils. This transformative approach not only accelerated data access but also elevated the overall effectiveness of school management systems.


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