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  • Enhancing Security Posture for an Engineering Powerhouse

The Client

Our client, an employee-owned powerhouse, has a rich 100-year history marked by innovation in sustainable infrastructure, offering engineering, procurement, consulting, and construction services.

The Challenge

Accumulated vulnerabilities, the need for heightened security postures, and the requirement for Federal compliance in certain applications posed significant challenges for our client.

Our Solution

In close partnership with the client, we crafted a solution that seamlessly blended automated and manual processes to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Leveraging ITIL practices, we enhanced processes and implemented robust measures, including TLS/SSL, CIS, and more.

Key Components of Our Solution:

  • Automated and manual processes for vulnerability identification and remediation.
  • Integration of ITIL practices for process enhancements and new server patching.
  • Implementation of hardened practices, including TLS/SSL and CIS standards.

Business Impact

Our collaborative efforts yielded substantial positive outcomes:

  • 70% Reduction in Vulnerabilities: Over the course of one year, we achieved an impressive 70% reduction in vulnerabilities, significantly enhancing the security landscape.
  • Extended Project Scope: Initially focused on applications, our success led to an expanded scope, covering network vulnerabilities and endpoints.
  • Finetuned Security Systems: Improvements were made to existing security systems, including the optimization of scanner configurations and resolution of sync issues between scanners and ITSM tools.
  • Recurrence Prevention: Hardening practices were implemented to prevent the recurrence of vulnerabilities, ensuring sustained security improvements.
  • Patching Optimization: The patching cycle and process were optimized to efficiently cover third-party vulnerabilities, further fortifying the overall security posture.

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