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  • Enhancing field sales for food business in Qatar

The Client

Client is a leading dairy and fruit juice manufacturer based out of Qatar and part of a large conglomerate in the Middle East.

The Challenge

The company had direct distribution operations in Qatar and wanted to deploy state-of-the-art technology to take care of distribution. Direct distribution of milk and juice products would be carried out through a fleet of sales vans manned by salespeople.

Key Business Objectives – A systematic and optimal Van beat plan to ensure proper market coverage.

  • To enable Vans to print invoices on A-4 plain paper sheets demanded by customers.
  • Stock management & quick cash to be settled by salespeople at the end of Van beat.

Our Solution

FieldMax was the launch partner for the client’s direct distribution business in Qatar.Master data of all retailers with GPS co-ordinates were created using FieldMax mobile. All sales routes were plotted on a map and used for route optimization, and interface made to client ERP system deployed across the organization. Van inventory management was also introduced, including request and approval workflows. An A-4 size plain paper printout was issued to customers from Vans using Bluetooth printer, which made printing of invoices faster. The outcome was real-time visibility for both company and van on van inventory. This also meant that salespeople can verify draft stock & cash settlement of Van beat on the way back to the warehouse.

Business Impact

  • Client had real time visibility into van stock at any given time
  • FieldMax implementation resulted in hassle-free stock & sales settlement of van sales beat, with route plans optimized
  • GPS-based tracking ensured 100% compliance to approved journey plans
  • Ensuring lean and efficient back-office with 200% enhancement in productivity than peers

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