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The Client

The client is a leading US-based financial consulting firm with over 1,000 financial advisors managing approximately $30 billion worth of financial assets for their clients. The company offers a range of financial portfolio management services such as investment management, tax consultations, and financial advisory training.

The Challenge

The client was facing multiple challenges with their existing processes, including continued use of Excel spreadsheets to manage financial tasks and customer data, a lack of real-time analytical reports for clients, no comprehensive customer portfolio management systems, and lack of secure storage for customer data and investment portfolios. Experion recommended solutions to address these issues and improve the efficiency and security of the client’s processes.

Our Solution

Experion proposed a comprehensive investment platform that utilizes real-time data analytics to address client’s challenges. The platform includes retrieving and storing stock market data, displaying financial data through a Tableau-powered dashboard, generating customized reports for financial advisors, and enabling easy downloading of reports as a PDF. It features a user-friendly web interface for popular platforms and provides complete investment advisory services for managing different portfolios.

After completing this finance and banking software development project, the Experion team was able to provide the client with the following capabilities:

  • Data analytics-powered platform for new financial advisors and firms. Real-time stock market and mutual fund data used for analytics
  • Advanced data extraction module for retrieving latest stock market data including stock tickers and mutual fund prices using third-party tools
  • Statistical insights and calculations for financial advisory firms
  • Integration with Tableau-powered BI engine for real-time data analytics reports used by advisors to suggest investment plans
  • Benchmarking and modelling of client portfolios against previous customer data
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Tableau
  • Angular
  • Development toolsets
  • JIRA and Confluence (for task management)
  • Xunit, Jasmine, and Karma (for unit testing)
  • ESLint, TSLint, and SonarlInt (for static code reviewing)
  • JMeter(for performance testing)
  • GitHub (as the source code repository)
  • SonarQube (for automated code reviewing)
  • Aspose(for PDF generation)
  • Technical frameworks and libraries
  • Wijmo Grid (for reports)
  • Tableau dashboard (integrated with Angular)
  • ETL Module developed using Python and DB functions
  • Other technologies
  • .NET Core 3.x
  • WordPress CMS
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Route 53, S3, CloudFront, SES, SNS, and RDS with
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Geocode APIs

Business Impact

  • The solution allowed the client to collect and aggregate financial data from multiple sources and enabled easy tracking and monitoring of financial assets
  • 1,000+ financial advisors were onboarded using the portfolio management platform
  • It enabled 100,000 stock-related data records to be imported into the system daily
  • The app resulted in 10X growth of financial advisors with a collective portfolio of $30 billion


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