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The Challenge

The client’s data-capturing services enabled their customers to capture any kind of asset data from various geographical locations. Some examples of the kind of data that can be collected are Open Space Assets, Storm Water Drainage Networks, Traffic-Related Assets, Signage, Street Furniture, Public Lighting Inventories, Parking Studies, Public Transport Infrastructure, Footpath Condition Assessments, etc.

The customer relied on multiple legacy applications for capturing this spatial data and survey information. Due to a shortage in human resources and limited technical expertise, the client found it increasingly difficult to upgrade the existing systems and scale their business. Well aware of these challenges that existed within the organization & across the industry, they decided to create a new GIS mapping software by partnering with a reliable IT vendor who could create an innovative GIS Mapping software that would meet the market requirements.

The client wanted to develop this GIS mapping Software to work offline as well. They also planned to white-label the envisaged GIS mapping software and to offer it to other surveying companies who face similar challenges.

Our Solution

Experion studied the business challenges and operational processes of the client in detail, and a business solution based on a suite of applications was envisioned. The solution was designed and built using Android with Kotlin using ASP.NET Core as the server-side programming language.

Experion’s team of experts developed a GIS mapping software that made it easy to analyze and manipulate geographical information. In addition to providing high-end GIS Mapping, the GIS software also performs analysis & visualization of geospatial data the software is equipped with geospatial analytics to generate meaningful insights to enable improved decision-making. The software also identifies meaningful trends, creates visualizations, and creates reports that streamline business processes.

The main features of the software include:

  • The ability to synchronize with an existing server and database which contains large volumes of survey data that have accumulated over time.
  • The ability to synchronize & process data that had accumulated locally in the application over a long period .
  • During data sync, the data transferred only includes the changes or updates in the local database which were not in sync with the server database.
  • This GIS software can be integrated into any enterprise information system.
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Android using Kotlin
  • Map Box 8.5.0
  • SQLite 3.0
  • .NET Core 3.x
  • MS SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition
  • Firebase
  • Jenkins

Business Impact

  • Provides the ability to create numerous business cases from the geospatial data collected from different surveys.
  • It helped in the quick & timely collection of data & provided better data predictions and analysis.
  • The mapping and visualization feature helped to improve the organization’s business decisions.
  • It has provided a new revenue model for the client’s business as a white-labeled product offered to other surveying companies.

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