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The Challenge

The client’s challenges spanned diverse areas, including:

  • Documentation and Cataloging: Comprehensive documentation and cataloging of all System of Record data objects and integrations.
  • Design Patterns and Cost Optimization: Development of integrations in strict adherence to agreed-upon Design Patterns while optimizing costs.
  • Legacy Integration Replacement: The phased retirement of legacy Microsoft Biztalk integrations, replaced by the advanced capabilities of Informatica.
  • Citizen Developer Empowerment: Engaging the broader organization in training and nurturing Citizen Developers to promote self-sufficiency.
  • Dedicated IICS Expertise: Provision of dedicated Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) skilled resources for new interface development, support transitions, enhancements, bug fixes, maintenance, and proactive monitoring.
  • Compliance with Federal Regulations: Ensuring compliance with federal regulations by including US persons in the team to support applications and projects involving restricted federal business.
  • Microservices Adoption: Leveraging Informatica Cloud services to implement microservices architecture and reduce reliance on point-to-point integrations.
  • Standardization and Best Practices: Developing robust design and integration patterns, as well as establishing standards and best practices to foster consistency across the organization.

Our Solution

The solution involved setting up a dedicated team consisting of five members, including an onsite Subject Matter Expert (SME). This team was responsible for providing round-the-clock support for new integration requests, as well as maintaining and supporting production jobs.

Business Impact

Our holistic solution delivered remarkable business impact:

  • Efficiency and Agility: Informatica Cloud streamlined data integration, enabling efficient operations and agility in adapting to evolving business needs.
  • Operational Reliability: 24/7 monitoring and support ensured the seamless operation of enterprise integrations, enhancing operational reliability.
  • Cost Optimization: Adherence to Design Patterns and optimization efforts resulted in cost-effective integration development and maintenance.
  • Legacy Modernization: Legacy Biztalk integrations were successfully phased out, aligning the client with modern integration practices.
  • Empowered Workforce: Broader organizational engagement and Citizen Developer programs empowered the workforce with integration skills.
  • Microservices Implementation: Informatica Cloud facilitated microservices adoption, reducing point-to-point integrations and enhancing flexibility.
  • Standardization: Robust design and integration patterns, along with established standards and best practices, ensured consistency and excellence in integration efforts organization wide.

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