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The Client

The client is a technology consultant and solution provider in the US whose vision is to provide innovative solutions that transform quality of life for citizens.The client was on the lookout for a reliable partner who could help them with building a mobile-based solution for different clubs. The solution was required to facilitate screening of customers based on age and store membership data. The data could be used to track customer visits during a particular period of time and for tracking and correlating sales data against targeted demographics.

Our Solution

The iOS application helps retrieve a person’s ID information from physical scan of the magnetic strip or barcode commonly found on club membership cards or government-issued ID cards, such as the driver’s license. The application is used primarily by the security personnel employed by the club.

Once scanned, the application screen will turn green or red to show whether access is granted or denied (indicating that the person is of age or underage). All other data collected during the ID card scan such as date/ time of scan, person’s date of birth, calculated age, height & weight, home address zip code, gender, government ID number and similar details are sent directly to the server, saved and used for calculating metrics and demographic data.

Businesses may have more than one location and there could be multiple businesses using the application. If the device running the app is offline with no network/web connectivity, data will be stored locally until connectivity is restored.

Key Features
  • Mobile app for use by security personnel to screen guests
  • Ability to scan magnetic strip or barcode in membership cards/federal ID cards
  • Scanned data validated and saved in server for marketing analytics
  • Web based backend system to manage and track guest data
  • Dashboard with analytics related to customer demographics

Business Impact

  • Gain insight into customer profiles
  • Track number of people visiting clubs during a particular time period
  • Track sales data against targeted demographies
  • Screen underage guests and others with similar issues

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