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The Client

The client is a leading Australian company that specializes in delivering technology consulting and offers the latest products and services for patient care and mental health. Their healthcare services ranges from engaging patients to measuring health-related outcomes.

The Challenge

The client was facing challenges with the legacy web application they were using to provide quality mental health consultation. Upon further discussion and discovery, the Experion team discovered that the existing application required a support staff to manually screen each patient using a questionnaire and record their observations, leading to a time-consuming and lengthy screening process. This caused delays in providing the best patient consultation. The client was seeking a solution to revamp their healthcare system by utilizing technology to improve patient care.

Our Solution

Experion suggested a complete mental health solution that includes a standalone EHR module for small practitioners. Digital notes would make mental health practitioners’ practices more efficient, reduce paperwork, and improve staff productivity. The solution enabled the assessment of various mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. The suggested solution works by assigning questionnaires to patients and determining their treatment based on their responses.

Using the latest tools in healthcare application development, Experion delivered a complete mental health solution with the following features:

  • Ability to assess mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bipolar disorders, and more
  • Extensive library of industry tools and questionnaires that could be modified at any time. Further, new assessment tests could be added to the library
  • Automated calculations would help clinicians measure patient outcomes and provide them the opportunity to diagnose and recommend more tests and treatment plans
  • A patient engagement using a mobile app to monitor the patient’s treatment progress and provide timely reminders
  • Patient management features include a screening of the patient’s behavioural health and in the waiting room. Additional features included delivery of patient treatment plans on their mobile phone and reporting of patients’ progress to the practitioners
  • Automatic screening of each patient based on patient information and the use of instrument library
  • Integration of user tablets to a clinical dashboard (in the application) either in self-servicing kiosk mode or a staff-operated screening mode
  • Analysis of patients’ screening information helps in determining the best treatment plan for them and if they are facing a high-risk condition
  • Complete monitoring of the patient between clinic visits
  • Built-in dashboard for measuring and indicating patient satisfaction, quality of life, and operational efficiency
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Android Kotlin and iOS Objective C – for mobile application
  • Next.js – for web application
  • Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, and Swift

Business Impact

  • The mental health tool benefitted 11,000+ patients
  • Dementia patients could perform daily activities without assistance, providing value for patients, relatives, and caregivers
  • With the use of this application, healthcare companies could now save up to 10 minutes on each patient

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