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The Challenge

As all leaders do, the client sought innovation: do away with the plethora of pigeonholed solutions and create a web-based software that could function as the cynosure of the spectrum of functions in healthcare. Healthcare providers like hospitals and clinics, who previously used paper records or disparate electronic systems, should be able to enjoy the security, efficiency, and patient engagement benefits of standardized digital communications and record-keeping (EHRs).With the rapid technologization of hospital management, this has become imperative for security, privacy, and cost management. A collective improvement in these factors inevitably leads to higher patient satisfaction, as well.

With modern mHealth being a fertile ground for many tributaries like allied health, e-pharmacy, referral management, and so on, it is only appropriate to have a well-rounded IT solution with an overarching reach for all these needs.

Our Solution

The client’s legacy application was a game-changer of its time, yet it was falling back due to a critical lack of updating. When Experion was handed the project, the customer’s existing application used an outmoded program architecture. The client was clear that the same must be used for the new platform to maintain the technical integrity of their system. With this in mind, our expert team set out to master its code from scratch, and their meticulous work set a solid base for the project.

At the same time, our on-site team worked with various user groups with the client, understanding their workflows and requirements. As a result, the web application was built to be highly adaptable and scalable, with a diverse set of options for services such as discharge summaries, referral management, secure intra-organizational messaging, and allied health, with a state-of-the-art integration of the hospital EHRs and the patient portal, a feature that makes the platform unique.

As far as compliance is concerned the solution complies with NSQHS, Medicare, and relevant Federal and ACT health authorities. The solution also addresses the integration with My Health Record System, MIMMS, and is FHIR enabled.

Business Impact

  • A truly modular solution that supports healthcare practitioners and organizations in digitizing their services and processes.
  • Organizations can add different modules to their package to make sure it meets the specific needs of each business.
  • The web-based application is device agnostic, it has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for staff to utilize the platform every day.
  • Patients can now securely and seamlessly access their medical record via associated personal health record system due to which claim processing duration got reduced by 86%.

Giving healthcare facilities the access and flexibility to provide services, the application is the most progressive solution for healthcare providers who want complete control over their services. It also has a massively beneficial effect on patient outcomes- creating a win-win scenario for healthcare providers and receivers alike.


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