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  • Experion develops an mHealth platform for a European non-profit

Our Challenge

The client wanted to launch a mobile platform in the healthcare industry aimed to promote preventive healthcare services. The platform, intended to primarily be used by doctors, should take in various parameters, be it medical conditions or lifestyle actions of users, and provide meaningful insights. It must also be designed to provide insights on the effectiveness of treatment, should that path be chosen post-assessment. Aware of their own limited technical expertise, the client approached Experion Technologies to leverage our in-depth experience in developing solutions for healthcare organizations across the globe.

Our Solution

The functional & technical requirements of the mHealth platform were defined during the discovery phase by Experion’s team of technical architects and engineers. Experion, as always, developed and deployed a top-notch platform that spoke volumes about our expertise in developing solutions that exceed client expectations. The platform, which complies with all applicable European healthcare laws, was also tested by specialist doctors before it was launched, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders will be able to use it with utmost reassurance of its quality.

This was achieved despite the many challenges that cropped up because of COVID-19. The entire office had shifted to a work-from-home model, and the development team, testers, BAs, and the UI/UX team had to coordinate from different geographic locations. Seamless communication was ensured internally, as well as with the client using many different video conferencing tools. The teams put their best foot forward and communicated proactively, going the extra mile to ensure their productivity wasn’t hampered and that challenges were battled collectively.

The initial plan to have an onsite physical presence during the release had to be scrapped due to the travel restrictions imposed. Regardless, the team executed a smooth delivery with near-perfect quality, drawing much appreciation from the client.

Experion is currently providing post-production support to the client, helping them attain scalability during this crucial time.

Business Benefit

  • The platform provides a sense of ownership to the patients who need to monitor their health conditions regularly, empowering them with more control over disease and lifestyle choices.
  • It also bestows the users with enhanced user experience, enabling the stakeholders to have instant access to necessary information on well-designed dashboards with meaningful insights.
  • The platform is also used to raise awareness among the stakeholders to promote best practices in the preventive healthcare sector.

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