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The Client

The client is a local chain of fast food restaurants in Australia. They engaged with Experion earlier to build a delivery application that helped van drivers locate residential addresses via mobile in order to deliver food. The application had been a success, and the client decided to accelerate pace of change further. Experion was asked to develop mobile-based applications that enabled them to change their business model to a more customer-oriented one.

Our Solution

We worked on two types of applications for the client based on their business models. The former is a mobile-based online order and in-store pick up application that helped users order food online and get it picked up later from the store. The latter is a home delivery solution (web-based) that can be used by customers to place orders online as well as gain door-step delivery at the time requested.

The driver application built earlier for the client is being revamped and integrated with the new home delivery software. This application will help the driver manage the various orders to be delivered on a particular day, view order details including delivery address, map-based route to delivery address and updating the status of delivery in real time.

Business Impact

  • Customer experience was enhanced as access to goods and services became easier
  • It helped them build customer loyalty and accelerate sales revenues by over 30%
  • Cost overheads came down as the order is placed through mobile/web, saving on resources
  • Online ordering reduced manual errors, this being critical for customer retention
  • Online ordering enables data collation, helping gather insights into customer behavior

Other benefits will include location-based deals that can be given to customers. Referral programs can be started along with user campaigns. People also find it spread the good word about the client as they now have an option to voice it over the net as well as provide likes, ratings and shares.


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