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The Challenge

The client’s retail store management solution, used by stores across Australia, was well accepted and stable, with a legacy of 25 years. However, the technology was outdated – it used Delphi and Paradox for the database – and hence it had started to grow difficult to stay competitive in the market. The solution needed to be transitioned to a more modern, future-proof platform.

Our Solution

The legacy application was a standalone one that could only be managed by users at the physical stores, making external access impossible. To combat this challenge and make the solution better suited to modern businesses, Experion proposed an advanced web-based retail management software with features such as remote store management, real-time monitoring of retail operations, and support & instant assistance for stores.

The engagement began with the client familiarising the team at Experion with the current legacy solution and its features. Armed with this knowledge, the team proposed a series of improvements and enhancements that would enable the solution to be far more modern and utilitarian.

Next, user stories were developed to ensure that there was a viable MVP. After this, Angular was used to develop the frontend, .NET was used for the development of the backend, and SQL Server was used to manage data.

Since many of the clients’ existing customers were all too familiar with the old solution, the re-engineered application needed to have the same user experience while ensuring that it didn’t lack any of the value additions envisioned.

The reengineering process ensured that the new application did everything the old solution was capable of while enhancing and adding features to increase its utility tenfold. One good example of this is the comprehensive real-time dashboard built into the application that provides interactive analytics on store performance. Users can now download customizable reports on different parameters. The current reports are informative and captivating, unlike the reports generated by the old system which were bland and worked with a limited amount of data, and can be tailored to suit the user’s needs without any additional development required.

Business Impact

  • Increased interests from existing customers in the product
  • Increase in productivity in stores.
  • Overseas interest in the new product
  • The client was able to reel in new customers who were willing to transition from their existing products to the new application.

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