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  • On-demand ride-hailing app for a leading transportation company in the Middle East

The Challenge

After in-depth discussions with the client to fully understand their requirements, it was inferred that the crux of such a product is a real-time communication system between the different stakeholders such as the drivers & the passengers. This would ensure an intuitive and superior user experience throughout the complete ride life-cycle from ride-booking until ride completion. Designing and developing a responsive, scalable application with a real-time communication engine required significant architectural foresight, and would be no mean task.

To be a high-performance product with response times in milliseconds, the real-time communication module had to be scalable since its peak-time can never be predicted.

As the client wanted to grab a market share in a highly competitive, dynamic, and time-sensitive market, and emerge as a leader in the industry, Experion developed and deployed the product in a short period of a few weeks.

Our Solution

Experion initiated the engagement by capturing the client’s business objectives and formulating a strategy roadmap that helped carry out the development without any glitches. Based on the inputs from the initial phase, Experion completed the proof-of-concept for this product.

As soon as the first phase of development was completed, we carried out integration tests with real-life test simulations. Our team of testers along with engineers made sure there were no failures in real-time communication and integration between different stakeholders in the product ecosystem after testing it with a higher than average peak-load-size. The timelines for development, scalability of the solution, and the performance expectations of the product met with the client’s objectives.

The on-demand ride-hailing app is enriched with advanced features for passengers and drivers as well as admins. The application supports a bilingual audience (Arabic & English), provides automated trip suggestions to the riders leveraging advanced analytics, and supports all leading wallet payments. The driver interface helps to live-track & manage the ride, provides insightful daily reports, and has a fuel-filling module that enables them to handle fuel refilling hassle-free. With complete control over both rider and driver interface, the admin module enables forecast demand, management of promotional offers, contracts, etc. The advanced analytics modules integrated within the admin module also generates different analytics reports like total revenue, expenditure, rides pattern, etc.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS RDS with PostgreSQL
  • Angular 7
  • Payment Gateway Interface

  • Google Firebase
  • AWS CloudWatchr
  • Quartz.NET
  • Swift Kotlin
  • AWS S3
  • AWS CloudFront

Business Impact

  • Ensured real-time communication and smooth transactions between riders and drivers.
  • Intuitive user experience enabled the client to grab market share and meet their business objectives.
  • The application is set to cater to the needs of corporate customers by providing them ‘vehicles on rent’ & also provides insightful reports.
  • Experion ensured scalability with room to incorporate new features

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