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The Client

The client is an Edutech firm disrupting the education system in the Middle East by venturing into non-traditional ventures that transform the way education is delivered. They work to enhance classrooms, facilitate learning, and broaden the horizons of student’s world-over. Experion has previously developed a multi-subject Edutech platform that delivers a seamless personalized experience for students bringing unparalleled value to the world of supplemental learning mapped to the curricula of Arabic schools.

The Challenge

As the client’s experience in the education sector spans close to a decade, they were able to closely observe and assess the gaps that needed to be filled in the way nursery schools are run. The client observed that there was scope for improvement in the communication modes between nursery schools (and other primary care institutes), the caretakers, and the parents.

Most nursery schools do not use any kind of software application but rely on social media tools to communicate with the parents of the kids enrolled. Some even use complicated mobile applications that are rife with unnecessary features, causing inconvenience to both schools and parents alike. This was one of the main points the client wanted to address and resolve.

To effectively manage communication between parents, educators, and school administration, the nursery school management software needed to be easily accessible for all stakeholders. A dedicated multi-platform solution that included native iOS & Android applications and a web-based admin backend was suggested by the market research team to best address this market.

Having worked with Experion previously for re-engineering a complex on-demand tutoring platform, the client approached the company to develop and deploy the solution they envisioned.

Our Solution

Experion developed both the mobile and web applications for the client that could be deployed in a SaaS pricing model, with these stakeholders in mind: the nursery owner, admin, nurse, teacher, assistant, and parents.

The web portal which was developed for the client to use contains the following features:

  • Nursery Onboarding
  • Nursery Management
  • Payments & Transactions
  • Report Generation

The mobile application was developed to have several features, including but not limited to:

  • Announcements: Ability to post an announcement to single/multiple groups in the nursery.
  • Events: Events are fed with dates. The user can create events for single/multiple groups in the nursery.
  • Upload Images & Videos: Ability to add images/videos as an activity feed to everyone in the nursery, to multiple/single group, to multiple/single students.
  • Daily Reports: Ability to create the daily reports of each student in the nursery
  • Payments: Parents can make use of the app to list, view, and make payments corresponding to requests from Nursery.
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Web: Angular
  • Backend: Node JS, Java
  • Mobile Platform: Android (Java), iOS (Swift)
  • Infrastructure: Amazon AWS

Business Impact

  • Improved monitoring of patient’s health and activity
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • A single comprehensive information repository
  • Insightful dashboards that foster healthy behavior and therefore promote a healthy life

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