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  • Security Transformation for Global Men’s Health Advocacy

The Client

Our esteemed client is a leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming the face of men’s health globally. Their significant contributions have amassed over $1.1 billion for their cause.

The Challenges

Facing mission-critical tasks such as fundraising campaigns, the client encountered challenges in securing these applications. Additionally, there was a need for skilled personnel to implement cybersecurity practices and monitor compliance. Navigating multi-region regulatory compliance added another layer of complexity.

Our Solutions

We conducted a thorough evaluation of current coding and deployment practices. Implementing a shift-left approach, we integrated security across the entire life cycle of application architecture. Leveraging threat modeling, we identified gaps and proposed remediations/controls. Integration of security tools/platforms at various quality gates and the deployment of automation frameworks ensured a seamless code build/release process.

Business Imapct

The outcomes were substantial:

  • Elevated cloud security, aligning with NIST CSF and NIST 800-53 standards
  • A significant increase in the security score of production accounts to 85/100 within 6 months
  • Enhanced cloud security through rigorous hardening practices and image standardization
  • Automated security enhancements with SAST and DAST via CI/CD pipelines, alongside CSPM configuration reviews for streamlined processes
  • Implementation of continuous monitoring of the Cloud Infrastructure, promptly detecting and addressing security deviations from approved baselines.

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