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The Challenge

Experion was approached by the client to create a teleradiology platform that enables healthcare practitioners or radiologists to review and diagnose patients remotely and generate insightful reports quickly & efficiently. The platform allows hospitals to share their patients’ radiology diagnostic reports swiftly with other healthcare practitioners who are located in remote locations to get their diagnosis in real-time.

Our Solution

Experion started the engagement with a discovery phase to understand the client’s business requirements and their business strategy. Our team of BAs crafted well-defined user stories and designed wireframes based on the user stories developed. Experion laid down the required solution architecture and development approach to support the client’s business strategy in stages.

The development began with the team creating a POC. The final product, designed, developed, and deployed by team Experion is a top-notch platform that provides an end-to-end solution for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem who want to conduct remote imaging diagnostics.

The reports uploaded by the health practitioner can be shared with relevant practitioners who can review it remotely and provide their diagnosis in real-time. The solution enables healthcare workers to edit and finetune their report as many times they want, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial details. This verified diagnosis is passed on to the source healthcare practitioner for suggesting appropriate medical care. The platform adheres to all healthcare industry standards such as HIPAA, ensuring the patient’s data is always safe, secure, and protected.

Business Impact

  • The platform provides an end-to-end solution for hospitals and other stakeholders to run a high-quality remote diagnosis and medical care.
  • The platform enables large hospital chains located at different locations to provide a diagnostics solution to their customers remotely.
  • The platform enables the users (hospitals & healthcare practitioners) to define SLA Rules, Urgency of Cases and Speed of cases for immediate delivery of reports
  • Designed with intuitive UI, the platform enables healthcare practitioners to handle more than 600+ reports per day and it has been built to be scalable and to accommodate more requests in the future.

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