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  • Unified Sales Management Application System for a Top Dairy Company in the UAE

The Challenge

The client used multiple disintegrated systems for various operations such as van sales, stock allocation, report fetching, route planning, etc. Since they had operations across multiple geographies and time zones, the client hosted different instances of the same application on multiple servers. This made it difficult for the teams to manage all sales operations.

Moreover, the existing mobile application was developed to be used only on devices with physical keypads and worked only in offline conditions and hence did not provide access to real-time data from the field. Any customization or changes in the application were challenging as it needed code change or customization of the software.

The application had limitations for designing mobile reports based on the client’s specific needs, and it was taken care of by the technical product team. The client used separate in-house solutions for creating reports from the database.

There was no flexibility to add custom fields or remove unwanted fields in the application, which led to uncertainties while designing reports. Also, the price assignment was carried out by manually applying discounts and offers for each product and assigning the final price for each customer.

Our Solution

Experion proposed a unified Van Sales Management system to replace all the legacy systems, which would lead to ease of maintenance and act as a centralized application to help backend operations and management to have complete visibility over sales operations of all depots and vans. It is a mobile/web application that integrates multiple van sales management, demand drafting, stock management, reporting, etc.

It comes with over 26 configurable modules such as Organization Structure Module, Classification Module, Pricing Module, Discount Module, Tax Module, Assignment Module, etc. It gives the flexibility to assign Price, Tax, Discounts, Reports, etc., to specific customers or based on a specified condition.

The van sales system offers a reporting framework that supports both web and mobile and allows the users to define reporting formats as per their requirements. It can add more flexfields to the available static fields to keep track of data and carry out comprehensive reporting. In addition, it includes user-defined flexfields and dynamically generated fields at the database level, which eliminates confusion while designing reports.

The transactions can be handled both online and offline, and the system supports multi-time zones and multi-currency. It has a pliable user interface that caters to a mix of devices with physical and virtual keypads. Moreover, it also features hybrid offline capabilities wherein all the transactional data is stored locally without connectivity and synchronized to the database automatically once there is the availability of Wi-Fi or mobile internet. This makes all the necessary field data readily available to the sales teams for analysis.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • .NET Core 3.1
  • ASP.NET Core Signal R
  • Angular 10
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React Native
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite, Watermelon DB
  • Stimulsoft Reporting

Business Impact

  • The ease of application usage has improved efficiency and quickened the sales and distribution processes for the client.
  • It removes dependencies on multiple systems by optimizing integrations with SAP.
  • The reporting module improves analytics and KPI reporting and gives quick access to real-time data for market insights.
  • It improves user experience, speeds up data entry, and eliminates paperwork.

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