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The Challenge

The client had been managing the farm logistics operations using manual systems causing reduced efficiency and increased costs. With an increased number of orders, it became difficult to continue with the existing method – they realized the need for agri-logistics management software to optimize and manage their logistics operations. They required a software application that could streamline shipment scheduling, tracking produce shipments across the country, and farm data management.

Our Solution

Experion proposed and developed an agri-logistics management software that works both on desktop, laptop, and mobile browsers that can track production, generate documents for shipments, and export data into their existing systems.

The software associates each shipment with a unique ID, which acts as a key to tracking its movement – it will also have details about the produce, box size, weight, pallet type, and quantity of each item being shipped. Once the shipment is ready to dispatch, the software generates another key encompassing information such as the total number of boxes being shipped that day, the total number of pallets, customer information, company information, transportation details, and shipment identification information. The software also generates analytical reports that help the client track production, forecast logistics pipeline and optimize shipment details.

It is equipped to handle the process of product returns and most crucially, has an engaging, easy-to-use interface that can be used by a diverse set of end-users. The system is also configurable to enable future scaling needs.

Why Us

Tech Stack

  • Middleware: .Net Core
  • RDBMS: SQL Server 2017
  • Reporting: Stimulsoft reports.js

Business Impact

  • Reduced the amount of manual time and effort in administrative and document management
  • Reduced cost, improved business efficiency, and increased profitability
  • Streamlined the entire logistics operations process leading to new market expansion
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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