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The Client

The client is a US-based healthcare provider that offers its services to senior American citizens with neurodegenerative conditions like Stage 1 Dementia. The client was looking for a comprehensive care management platform that could be used by various stakeholders including medical practitioners, patients, and the caregiver’s family members.

The Challenge

The client was facing challenges in their existing healthcare platform that used visual maps to tap into the patient’s habit memory system and improve their cognitive skills. After extensive discussions, Experion identified several issues that needed to be addressed. The client lacked visibility into how patients were using visual maps daily, making it difficult to ensure regularity and easy navigation. Additionally, there was no insight into patients’ progress, daily challenges, or improvements, which hindered the ability to provide personalized care.

Our Solution

The Experion team proposed a comprehensive care management platform integrated with embedded analytics to meet the client’s business objectives. This custom healthcare solution would utilize Firebase, BigQuery, and Google Analytics platforms. The platform would record detailed interaction logs and click events during an individual patient’s online session. The embedded Firebase tool would perform funneling, experience charts, and other analyses. The solution would also use BigQuery to deliver valuable insights, such as platform usage duration and measuring individual patient progress against the general population. Machine learning algorithms would add business intelligence to the solution. The platform would generate the user’s data story, which could identify gaps and propose solutions. Additionally, it would produce meaningful insights and recommendations based on data.

By leveraging its comprehensive healthcare software development services, the Experion team developed the healthcare application that could:

  • Enable Stage 1 Dementia patients to plan their daily activities and communicate with their family or caregivers using online chat.
  • Provide them with a detailed map system to view detailed steps on how to complete their assigned activities.
  • Enable their family members (or caregivers) to log into the platform to assign tasks and set reminders for their medication.
  • Track the progress of the patient’s daily activities
Why Us

Tech Stack

  • React.js (for Android and iOS)
  • React Native (for Web apps)
  • Node.js API
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Technology patterns
  • Server patterns: MicroService, Repository , Singleton , DI , MVC
  • Pubsub, long-polling (for real-time communication patterns)
  • Cloud deployment patterns: Single cloud platform
  • Front-end patterns: redux/Flux Architecture, Ducks-style
  • Structures(for Web apps and Mobile apps)
  • Technical frameworks and libraries
  • Pubnub (for chat functionality)
  • Stripe (as the payment gateway)
  • Mongo-based Agenda tool (as the job scheduler)

Business Impact

  • Experion’s healthcare solution was recognized and awarded by the U.S. Department of Ageing
  • The solution is currently used in over 14 care facilities, providing easy onboarding and training for caregivers
  • The application delivered added value through its integration with the Point Click Care (PCC) system with over 1.4 million home care patients
  • It was successfully integrated with the 14 PCC care homes catering to over 5,000 aged patients during the beta testing phase


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