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The Client

Our customer is a 40+ year old commercial property management service provider in the United States. They have been offering a range of services including construction, landscaping, snow & ice management, and property management to retail as well as corporate customers.

The Challenge

The entire sales and operations staff mostly relied on manual effort for operations and employee management. However, with the business expanding rapidly over the years, the need for a digital platform was evident, and they decided to move the entire operations online.

Experion Technologies was called in to come up with a strategy, design, and development of a solution that automates their entire operations. Having built operations management software for enterprises across the globe that efficiently streamlines their operations and employee management, Experion committed to delivering innovative, top-notch operations management software with reduced cost and increased business profits.

Our Solution

Our team of experts identified business objectives, studied the existing business and operational processes, identified challenges, and devised a development plan to design a state-of-the-art operations management software that met the client’s objectives.

The product was developed with different modules, custom-tailored for each stakeholder such as the sales team, accounting team, and operations team. The product enables the users with quote creation and approval workflow, manages the work order lifecycle, schedules recurring work orders, enables proper resource management against work orders, handles change order management, etc. The software enables concerned stakeholder teams to track their material and process logs, employee performance, forecast productivity & output, real-time location tracking of the crew members on the field, etc.

Web Application

The web application allows users to create quotes and work orders, track quote approvals, schedule recurring work orders as well as to track the work orders to completion.To manage the work, the web application provides options to :
Create estimates of the work and convert it into a quote

  • Approve quotes through a workflow
  • Set up recurring schedules for frequency-based maintenance tasks/contracts
  • View the workforce allocation categorized by their area of work
  • Assign the work orders to foreman
  • Prioritize the jobs to be done by a foreman, in a day
  • Create change orders to existing contracts

The web application equips the operations team to:

  • View and approve the time logs, used material logs, used assets, waste, etc.
  • Generate invoices from the web application for the completed work orders.
  • Track the work, profitability, the profit gained, crew performance, payroll management, etc.
  • Track the real-time location of the crew members on the field
Mobile App

The field crew can use the Mobile App to view the jobs assigned in a day in the order of priority and view the tasks to be performed on each job as well.

The app works both online & offline and provides options for the field crew to log the work details. The crew can enter the following details of their tasks:

  • Time spent on each task
  • Quantity of material used while doing a task
  • Assets used while doing the job
  • Amount of waste that the crew had to dispose of during the job
  • Work timings on a day

Business Impact

  • Improved operational efficiency by streamlining various business processes quickly and efficiently.
  • Increased profitability through better tracking and monitoring of costs and revenue.
  • Superior customer experience and brand loyalty for customers.
  • Better utilization of assets and enhanced visibility and accountability of each project.

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