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The Challenge

While the OTC products manufactured and sold by the clients continued to prosper, the client struggled to maintain proximity to their customers as the COVID-19 pandemic restricted movement amid lockdowns. As teleconsultation made a boom congruously, the client shifted their focus on providing a teleconsultation platform for patients, enabling video consultation, helping them avoid long waiting queues in clinics, traffic, etc.

They also wanted to specifically target diabetes control – which had powerful implications in telehealth and mHealth – with diabetes being a rampant lifestyle disease. Our client’s idea was a mobile platform that acts as a helping hand to diabetic convalescents by tracking their daily routine. A care provider would monitor the patient’s activities, and health care practitioners would provide necessary assistance through chat and other notifications.

Our Solution

The shaping of the product was mainly through product strategy calls. The Experion team regularly had calls with the client, which was vital in developing consciousness of the client’s need and measuring our capabilities. Strategies and blueprints to developing the web domain and mobile applications for android and iOS were laid out at this stage, with the same application catering to doctors and clients. The team finalized plans to create robust wireframes/UX, and the application elements were noted down. Pages and options for doctor/patient profile, appointment schedule and override, and online payment/refund portals were developed per industry standards.

The result was a teleconsultation solution that was streamlined and refined, yet lauded by the client and their customers (doctors and patients alike) for providing an application that was so easy to use; it enabled customers to schedule and cancel appointments with much less effort in comparison to the typical clinical paradigm and helped patients have timely health interventions with no compromise on the quality of the experience.

Why Us

Tech Stack

Web Application and API’s

  • ReactJs
  • NodeJS(Typescript, Express)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Visual Studio code
  • GitHub Actions
  • AWS

Mobile Application development
  • MVVM – C
  • Swift
  • Code Quality Control-Swiftlint
  • Tool-Git
  • Build Automation-Fastlane
  • Deployment-Testflight
  • Development IDE-Xcode
  • frameworks-UIKit,Foundation
Cloud Services
  • MVVM
  • Kotlin
  • Tool-Git
  • Crash reporting-Firebase
  • Github Actions
  • Deployment-Firebase
  • Dependency Management-Gradle
  • Development IDE-Android Studio

Business Impact

  • A compelling and self-explanatory telehealth service that patients and doctors can access on PCs and mobile phones.
  • UIs that assist and enable people across ages to use it effortlessly.
  • It helps alleviate crowding in hospitals by serving as an alternate clinic, thereby aiding the quarantine effort.

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