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Ensuring the security of your software development is crucial for long-term business success, yet it’s often neglected, resulting in significant consequences. However, by adopting DevSecOps as a service, you can make security a top priority right from the start. At Experion, we prioritize security by providing comprehensive services that cover all stages of software development, from threat modeling to vulnerability assessments and automated security testing. Our proactive approach helps detect and eliminate potential security threats, ensuring that your software is both high-quality and secure. Let us help you expedite the development process without compromising on security.

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Secure Mortgage Servicing Application for a Retail Mortgage Lender

The client, a major Australian retail mortgage lender needed a secure and reliable digital solution for mortgage servicing but lacked the necessary security measures. Experion developed a consumer-facing application with tools such as SonarQube and Burp, to ensure secure code analysis and testing, delivering a reliable app during peak usage.

Built a Secure B2B SaaS Platform for Cybersecurity Program Management

Experion addressed an early-stage company's need for a B2B SaaS platform that strengthens cybersecurity programs. Experion helped the client with a comprehensive platform to automate security checks resulting in faster delivery and proactive monitoring at each level during the development process.


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